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Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry III Zobacz większe

Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry III

Catherine Housecroft

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ID: 171386

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This volume reviews the preparation, properties, reactions and special applications of Boron, Aluminum, Gallium, Indium, Thallium, Silicon, Germanium, Tin, Lead, Arsenic, Antimony, and Bismuth organometallic compounds. Each chapter examines the complexes formed between the metals and specific ligands and where relevant important applications of these compounds. It provides a clear and comprehensive overview of developments since 1993 and attempts to predict trends in the field over the next ten years. Like its predecessors, COMC (1982) and COMC-II (1995), this new work is the essential reference text for any chemist or technologist who needs to use or apply organometallic compounds.

* valuable content available May 2009 as an individual volume
* separate volumes will appeal to a wider chemistry and materials science audience
* priced for individual researcher as well as library purchase

Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry III, Volume 3 Compounds of Groups 13 to 15
Boron-containing Rings Ligated to Metals
Polyhedral Carboranes
s- and p-Block Heteroboranes and Carboranes
d- and f-Block Metallaboranes
Metallacarboranes of d- and f-Block Metals
Aluminum Organometallics
Gallium, Indium, and Thallium, Excluding Transition Metal Derivatives
d-Block Complexes of Aluminum, Gallium, Indium, and Thallium
Compounds with Bonds between Silicon and d-Block Metal Atoms
Germanium Organometallics
Tin Organometallics
Lead Organometallics
Arsenic, Antimony, and Bismuth Organometallics