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Tamiya 70170 - pojazd gąsienicowy z chwytnym ramieniem

Zestaw elementów do wykonania zdalnie sterowanego pojazdu gąsienicowego, który może podnosić i przenosić obiekty takie, jak np. piłka ping-pongowa. Pololu - 2389

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Tamiya 70170 Remote Control Construction Set (crawler type)

Great for learning the basics of gears and linkages, this Tamiya kit contains all the parts necessary to make a remote controlled crawler that picks up ping pong balls. The instructions include directions for assembling the kit with either an arm, bucket, or shovel for collecting ping pong balls.


The Tamiya 70170 Remote Control Construction Set includes all the Tamiya parts necessary to make your own tracked chassis. Assemble the crawler with either an arm, bucket, or shovel for grabbing, scooping, lifting, and carrying objects. If you are feeling ambitious, use the parts available to come up with something new, or consider using some other Tamiya construction products to really create something fantastic!

This kit includes step-by-step illustrated instructions (1MB pdf) in both Japanese and English. Tamiya does not list a recommended age range for this kit. If you are considering purchasing this kit for a child, we recommend reading through the instructions to decide if it would be appropriate. Please note that assembling the kit requires the following tools: screwdriver, side cutters, long-nose pilers, and a modeling knife. Two D batteries are required but not included. No soldering is required to assemble this kit.

Included parts

  • 1 4-Channel Remote Control Box
  • 1 Twin-Motor Gearbox
  • 1 Crank Axle Gearbox
  • 2 Universal Arm Sets
  • 1 Universal Plate Set
  • 1 Track and Wheel Set
  • Cardboard packaging can be used to build a bucket or shovel

Please note that the hardware and colors of the parts included in this kit might vary from what is available when you purchase the parts separately. For a similar kit, you might consider Tamiya’s Remote Control Construction Set with tires.