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Alchitry Cu - development kit with FPGA Lattice iCE40 HX

The evaluation kit is equipped with the Lattice iCE40 HX FPGA chip. The kit is supported by iCEcube2 and Verilog and Lucid languages. SparkFun DEV-16526

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The Alchitry Cu is an evaluation kit featuring a Lattice iCE40 HX FPGA chip with 7680 logic cells and supported by the Open Source Project IceStorm toolchain. It has 79 IO pins with eight general-purpose LEDs, a built-in 100MHz clock that can be manipulated internally via FPGA, a USB-C connector for board configuration and power, and a USB interface for data transfer. The board also has a Qwiic connector, which makes it easy to connect sensors and expansion modules compatible with this standard.

Alchitry is a project aimed at providing the necessary tools for beginners to learn FPGA - from cheap kits, through numerous teaching aids and an integrated work environment.

The kit is supported by iCEcube2, Lattice's latest design tools. The system can be programmed using standard languages ​​- Verilog and Lucid languages ​​are dedicated to the set, for which the manufacturer has prepared numerous tutorials.


  • Lattice iCE40-HX8K FPGA - 7680 logic elements
  • 79 IO pins (3.3V logic level)
  • USB-C to configure and power the board
  • Eight general purpose LEDs
  • One button (typically used as a reset)
  • 100MHz on-board clock (can be multiplied internally by the FPGA)
  • Powered with 5V through USB-C port, 0.1" holes, or headers
  • USB to serial interface for data transfer (up to 12Mbaud)
  • Qwiic Connector
  • Dimensions of 65mm x 45mm