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ADALM1000 - an active educational platform of Analog Devices

Module for learning the basics of electronic engineering; illustrates the relationship between voltage, current, and allows the generation and observation of signals. It has the ability to sample the signal up to 200kSPS in a 16-bit converter. Powered from the USB port. ADALM1000

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ADALM1000 allows for a pleasant introduction to the basics of electronics, allowing you to illustrate the relationship between current, voltage and impedance. With its help, the user can generate and measure signals, as well as use 5v and 2.5V power supply. The user's graphical environment allows for the analysis of signals in the time domain (oscilloscope) and the generation of functions.


  • It allows you to measure current (- 200 to + 200mA) and voltage (0 to 5V)
  • Allows for power supply (available voltages: 5V and 2.5V)
  • Oscilloscope function (100 k sampler / second) and function generator (100k sample / second)
  • Graphical interface PixelPulse 2 (under open license), supported by Windows, Linux, OS X
  • Processing of 16-bit signals (0.05%) with a resolution of up to four decimal places
  • USB power supply
  • Open Source hardware part

An example view of the PixelPulse interface


  • ADALM1000 - educational platform

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