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AVR. Practical projects - Tomasz Frenchman

Tomasz Frenchman

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Programming microcontrollers is not difficult! It's time to find out!

  • Get to know the AVR microcontrollers from the XMEGA family
  • Learn to practically program them in C language
  • Gain experience in the use of AVR systems

AVR systems hit the market of microcontrollers with a hit. The hearts of hobbyists and professionals have quickly won the hearts - the low price, huge possibilities and computational efficiency as well as the simplicity of use and the availability of free tools that facilitate the programming of these systems have won. The systems belonging to the XMEGA family are particularly popular among users of microcontrollers, but so far there have been no publications describing their architecture, programming and application on the Polish market.

This gap is perfectly fulfilled by the book "AVR. Practical Projects", the author of which has set a goal to discuss in detail the problems associated with the programming of XMEGA microcontrollers, including modules that do not exist in systems belonging to other AVR families. If you already have basic skills in the programming of microcontrollers, this item will enable you to practice the talents in this area in practice - you will implement, among others, clock design, logic analyzer and many more!

This is an excellent position for both readers of the first book of Tomasz French, "C language for AVR microcontrollers, from the basics to advanced applications", as well as for people who have mastered the basics of programming microcontrollers on their own.

  • Architecture of AVR XMEGA circuits
  • Workshop for microcontroller programmer
  • Creating and managing projects
  • Ways of writing effective code
  • Using different types of data
  • Performing input-output operations
  • Memory management of the microcontroller
  • Clock control
  • Interrupt service and event system
  • Using timers and counters
  • Control of external devices
  • Practical examples of microcontroller applications

Find out what you can achieve with C and AVR!