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Xmega eXplore module from ATXmega256A3BU

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The Xmega eXplore module can be programmed using a USB cable, no additional programmer required. Using microcontrollers from the AVR Xmega family, you can build many interesting projects described in the books of Tomasz French, " AVR. Practical projects " and " AVR. Peripheral systems ", where the author's recommendation is.

Xmega eXplore will also allow you to get to know the family of AVR Xmega microcontrollers with far greater capabilities than ATmega. It does not require a programmer, all you need is a USB cable to upload the software.

The module works with max. + 3.3 V. Connecting signals with +5 V voltage will damage the microcontroller.


  • Integrated circuit: ATXmega256A3BU-AU, AT45DB041 - DataFlash memory
  • Security: USB 500mA protection and reverse voltage connection Vin
  • Clock frequency: 16 MHz and watch quartz 32,768 kHz
  • Programming: USB connector - incl. for programming you just need a USB cable and ATMEL's free FLIP software
  • Power supply: from USB or from the Vin max input. +12 V
  • LED signaling: yes
  • Configuration: power selection via jumper (from USB or VIN)
  • Additional information:
    • the module fits perfectly into the contact / prototype board
    • printed circuit allows mounting other Xmega family microcontrollers
    • the built-in 3.3 V stabilizer allows power supply from a USB or external source
    • all microcontroller pins are fed out
    • equipped with a microSD connector
  • Dimensions: 100 x 27 mm
  • RoHS: yes


  • Assembled MOD-11.Z Xmega eXplore with ATXmega256A3BU, microSD and DataFlash
  • A set of connectors for self-assembly (34-pin and 30-pin - 1 item)

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