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Programator AVR USB ISP - KamProg for AVR (ZL20PRG) 3.3V i 5V View larger


USB ISP programmer for AVR microcontrollers

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ID: 50609

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KamPROG for AVR is development/production programmer supporting most ISP microcontrollers (AVR family) from Atmel. On the microcontroller side it is compatible with 10-pins Atmel standard IDC header. KamPROG works with Bascom and Atmel AVR Studio as well as with our decicated application. Programmer is connected to PC through USB port and does not require any drivers.


  • USB
  • 10-pins IDC output header, Atmel standard pinout
  • Bulit-in LED driver for programmer activity signalling
  • Power supply (3...5 V/5 mA) from USB port
  • Operates with Bascom, Atmel AVR Studio

Standard equipment

  • KamPROG for AVR programmer
  • Ribbon cable terminated with two IDC10 plugs

Supported microcontrollers

  • ATmega128, ATmega1280, ATmega1281, ATmega1284P, ATmega16, ATmega162, ATmega164P, ATmega168, ATmega169P, ATmega2560, ATmega2561, ATmega32, ATmega324P, ATmega325, ATmega3250P, ATmega325P, ATmega328P, ATmega329, ATmega3290P, ATmega329P, ATmega48, ATmega64, ATmega644P, ATmega645, ATmega8, ATmega8515, ATmega8535, ATmega88, ATmega88P
  • ATtiny13, ATtiny2313, ATtiny24, ATtiny25, ATtiny26, ATtiny261, ATtiny44, ATtiny45, ATtiny461, ATtiny48, ATtiny84, ATtiny85, ATtiny861
  • AT90CAN128, AT90CAN64, AT90CAN32
  • AT90USB1286, AT90USB1287, AT90USB646, AT90USB647
  • AT90S2313