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Make things speak. Programming of electronic devices using Arduino

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Design microcontrollers, personal computers, servers and smartphones so that they communicate with each other!

It's hard for us to believe it, but quite recently computers were isolated units, unable to communicate with each other. Today, the potential of computers, tablets and mobile phones connected to the network is stunning. Building electronic projects that interact with the physical world is fun. And when the devices you are building begin to communicate with each other, it becomes really interesting. The thirty-three easy projects in this book show how to make your gadgets communicate with you and your environment. This is an ideal proposition for people with little technical knowledge, but a great interest in the subject!

With this book, you'll find out what equipment and tools you need, prepare a workplace and start this amazing adventure! At the beginning, you will build the simplest network and send the first messages (also wirelessly). In the following chapters you will start to build more and more advanced systems, you will learn the details of wireless communication, identification and location. Your curiosity should arise from the chapter devoted to placing microcontrollers in the network. This opportunity gives you a powerful tool. Do you already know how to use them?

With a little knowledge of electronics, inexpensive microcontroller sets and network modules that allow them to communicate with each other, you can start building these projects right away.

  • Blink - Your first program
  • Monski Pong - control the video game using a fluffy pink monkey
  • Network air pollution meter - loading and displaying the most recent report for your city
  • XBee toxin sensor - using ZigBee, sensors and monkeys with warning plates for toxic fumes
  • Bluetooth GPS - building a battery-powered GPS that gives its location via Bluetooth
  • Tweeting with RFID - reading Twitter streams by waving an RFID reader

Start experimenting and make things do what you want!