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Expeditions into the world of electronics, volume 2. A higher degree of initiation View larger

Expeditions into the world of electronics, volume 2. A higher degree of initiation

Piotr Górecki

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Author: Piotr Górecki

ISBN: 83-206-1574-7, 978-83-206-1574-6
Format: A4, 100 pages
Soft binding
Publisher: WKiŁ

About the book
The second part of the cycle titled "Expeditions into the world of electronics" invites the reader to three subsequent trips into the beautiful world of electronics. The author, the editor-in-chief of the Elektronika dla wszystkich magazine, a well-known electronic subject promoter, communicates knowledge of electronics in an extremely accessible way, enabling the inexperienced reader to build his first electronic devices that are useful in everyday life, starting with the simplest systems. During the trips the reader gets acquainted with electronic elements, such as various diodes, analog integrated circuits and digital circuits, enabling the construction of power supplies, pulse generator, alarm siren, proximity sensor, humidity detector, door siren, dancing lights, sensor switch, turboproducer for alarm clock for sleepyheads, spinning wheel, twilight switch and others.

Recipients: young readers interested in making simpler electronic circuits, having no experience in electronics and everyone interested in DIY.

Table of Contents:
Expedition plan
Expedition fourth (A4)
1. Alternating and alternating current. Glowing stripes
2. One-half rectifier (semi-batch)
3. The simplest power supply
4. Bridge rectifier. The simplest power supply
5. Power and heat. Load capacity of resistors
6. Power loss of the transistor
7. Voltage relief
8. Capacitor and alternating current
9. Coil and alternating current
10. Zener diode
11. Stabilized power supply
12. A typical stabilized power supply
13. Adjustable power supply
14. Reference voltage sources. Adjustable Zener diode
15. Laboratory power supply
16. Charging NiCd batteries. Current stabilizer
17. NiCd battery discharger
18. Charging acid batteries
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Expedition five (A5 = C1 - digital)
1. Basic goals. Goal as ... goal
2. Proximity sensor
3. RS switch
4. Sensor switch
5. Universal signaling device. Moisture detector
6. A brigade and a piszczyk
7. Voltage multiplier
8. Perpetuum mobile
9. Laboratory square waveform generator
10. A practical alarm siren
11. Digital dancing lights
12. Universal door siren. Delay and shortening pulses
13. Alarm siren with loudspeaker
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Expedition six (A6 = C2 - second digit)
1. Hysteresis
2. "Cleaning" signals
3. The magic generator
4. Optical-acoustic alarm simulator
5. Patchwork, or (spectral) tapestry
6. Turbodpopaczacz to alarm clock (for late-sleepers)
7. (Disco) light chain
8. Swirling circle
9. Transistor tester
10. System 4047. Precision generators
11. System 4541. Universal (long) time system
12. Block 4538. Alarm control panel
13. System 4046. "Awesome" alarm siren
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