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Extreme programming in C #

Ron Jeffries

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Author: Ron Jeffries

ISBN: 83-88440-58-6
Format: B5, 490 pages
Soft binding
Publisher: MicrosoftPress

About the book
Look at extreme programming (eXtreme Programming? XP) in action - performed by a real XP master - and at the same time learn to program in C # on the Microsoft .NET platform. Ron Jeffries? one of the leading XP environment practitioners? demonstrates how to create a well-designed, flexible code? safely and step by step, at the same time limiting the effort necessary for traditional design - from the front. As Jeffries builds his example application, you can directly observe the idea of extreme programming in action? along with real problems and challenges, like changing the requirements for five to twelve. Further learning and exercises enable the complete author code? including unsuccessful attempts and abandoned concepts? thanks to which you can analyze the concepts of extreme programming in practice and assess how useful they can be in your work.
Program together with the XP master to find out how:

* Organize and simplify the software development process
* Work more efficiently as a member of the XP team
* Reduce the number of unsuccessful attempts by designing, testing and polishing the code in small increments
* Receive more transparent specifications and comments from customers
* Write a clear, expressive code and get rid of most errors
* Protect resources by adapting plans as you progress
* Ensure a constant pace of work and avoid surges
* Reduce deadlines and publish the most important functions in the first place
* Increase customer satisfaction

Download code examples!
The entire sample code contained in the book is available in Companion Content on the page