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2x1.2A DC Motor Driver - DC motors driver with Gravity connectors

2x1.2A DC Motor Driver is a dual controller of DC motors with a Gravity connector, supplied with 2.5 ... 12V voltage with a maximum current consumption of 1.2A (3.2A peak) per channel. DFRobot DRI0044-A

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Data sheet

Output current1,2 A
Number of channels2
Supply voltage min2,5 V
Supply voltages max12 V

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2x1.2A DC Motor Driver with Gravity Connector is a double driver for DC motors with a Gravity connector. The module contains a two-channel TB6612FNG H bridge. It can control motors powered with a voltage of 2.5 ... 12 V with a maximum current consumption of 1.2 A (3.2 A at peak) on each of the two channels. At Gravity, signals were output to control the direction and speed of each of the engines. The module consists of a 2x1.2A DC Motor Driver with goldpin connectors and stands with signal connectors and screw connectors for connecting motors.


  • Based on the TB6612FNG chip
  • Supply voltage for motors: 2.5 ... 12 V
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Maximum current: 1.2A (per channel, continuous operation)
  • Inrush current / peak current: 2A (continuous pulse) / 3.2A (single pulse)
  • Module power supply: 2.7 ... 5.5 V
  • Dimensions: 40 × 40 mm


  • 2x1.2A DC Motor Driver module
  • Expansion board with connectors
  • 4 Gravity connection cables