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RoboClaw 2x60AHV Motor Controller (V7B) - two-channel DC motor controller

RoboClaw 2x60AHV Motor Controller (V7B) is a two-channel DC motor driver, operating voltage: 10,5 to 60V, maximum continuous current: 60A, the ability to easily implement feedback loops with PID controller, security systems. Pololu 3583

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Data sheet

Output current60 A
Number of channels2
Supply voltage min10,5 V
Supply voltages max60 V

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RoboClaw 2x60AHV Motor Controller (V7B) is a two-channel DC motor driver that can independently control the operation of two motors. The control can be done via USB port, serial TTL interface, signal from RC receiver or through analog input. The controller has built-in decoder quadrature encoders, which allow easy implementation of the closed loop of engine speed control. The option of energy recovery during engine braking, resistance to sudden changes in speed (at high engine revolutions), and the control system of battery charge and cut-off in case of too deep discharge should be considered as an additional, noteworthy option. These are very convenient and useful properties that will certainly simplify the construction of not one mobile construction.

The presented version of the controller has two channels, each of which has a capacity of 60 A at constant power consumption, while the maximum current value of the current consumed is 120 A. The voltage supplying the motors is from 10,5 to 60 V. The module also has a modified cooling circuit, which is more efficient than the RoboClaw 2x60A version.

Unlike the older version of the controller (V5 and lower), this version has a plastic base that protects the plate from the bottom. This version also has a connector for connecting an optional fan for cooling the controller's heat sink. The controller has the same dimensions as its predecessors, and the arrangement of such elements as buttons, goldpin pins, mounting holes, connectors has not changed.


  • Simple bi-directional control of two DC motors
  • Operating voltage: 10,5 to 60 V
  • Operating current: 60 A (constant power consumption), 120 A (temporary consumption)
  • Automatic overcurrent protection
  • Four control interfaces:
    • USB interface - Virtual COM port
    • Serial TTL (UART) interface
    • Signal from RC apparatus (PWM 50 Hz)
    • Analog signal input (0-2 V)
  • Double feedback as input to the PID controller
    • Input of quadrature encoders to 19.6 million pulses / second
    • Position control by means of encoders or potentiometers
  • Four mounting holes
  • Configuration using monostable buttons
  • Energy recovery system during engine braking
  • Resistant to sudden changes in speed (at high engine speeds)
  • Battery charge and cut-off control in case of too deep discharge
  • Choice of 5V voltage for BEC with jumper (max. Efficiency 3 A)
  • It has a microUSB connector
  • Dimensions: 100 × 86 × 30 mm
  • Weight: 295 g