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Electronics for everyone 02/2016 View larger

Electronics for everyone 02/2016

EDW02 / 16

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Editor-in-chief recommends

The February issue of EdW is bursting at the seams, and everything that we initially planned did not fit in anyway. We have a lot of topics in it, of which a great surprise for many of you is the matter of measuring the tiny resistances, in an "acoustic" way. After learning the first part of the article, you can "touch" yourself to this fascinating topic. I encourage you to act and share with us and other readers the results of your "low-risk" tests. The fact that this subject is really worth addressing is clearly illustrated by the article on cables on page 62. In this issue we have two new products for you. Finally, there was a place for a long-distance material in the waiting room with laser rangefinders. However, as part of familiarizing with the language of C and programming microprocessors, I invite everyone to visit a specific office, in which he works a poorly brainy, but very diligent and meticulous clerk. According to your opinions, next to the long-planned course C, we will present information for less advanced, so that they can also understand and like C language. We continue the Electronics course for junior (and senior). Already after the first episode it quickly turned out that this "electronic kindergarten" is very much needed. Take a look at page 10 to the Post Office and read the selected lists. I also encourage you to implement the presented experiments!

In the issue:

  • AVT projects
    • An acoustic micro sounder, i.e. not only reverse engineering. Part 1 17
    • Batteries in practice. System 1 - A simple battery tester, part 3 24
    • Three-dimensional electronic labyrinth - universal arcade game 54
    • Microcircuit stepper 55 driver
  • Electronics 2000
    • RGB 57 collar
  • Readers' Forum
    • Inverter 5V / 10A 58
    • Boot cables - what they are, everyone can see 62
  • School of Constructors
    • Main quest 240
    • Suggest an electronic system, useful on the construction site or renovation. 36
    • Solution to the main task 235
    • Suggest using any sensor / sensor. 37V
    • The second class of the Constructors' School What is not here? 240, 235.47
    • Third class of the Constructors' School Policz 240, 235 49
  • Various items
    • Twilight of analog radio II ... 15
    • Electronics for junior (and senior), or electronic kindergarten. Meeting 2: Energy transformation 26
    • One-chip microprocessor, or the story of a dull (albeit exceptionally hard-working) office clerk, part 1 28
    • The use of solar lamps, part 3 31
    • Course C - tools 34
    • Broken reality, or an electronics technician in action, part 5 64
    • Components used in tube receivers. Switches 67
    • MEU - Laser rangefinders and more, part 1 70
  • Fixed boxes
    • News, curiosities 6
    • Post office 10
    • Advice box 12
    • Subscriptions 8, 9
    • Bookstore AVT 78
    • Miniankakieta 74
    • 76 ads
    • Electronic stores 80
    • Commercial offer AVT 81
  • competitions
    • What is missing here? 73
    • Crossword 14
    • How it's working? 16