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Electronics for everyone 03/2017

EdW 03/2017

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Editor-in-chief recommends

UV index meter
First, find out what the UV index is and how important it is to your and your loved ones' health. Secondly, get acquainted with the system that may save you from serious health problems.

PSK mini receiver
You have a great opportunity to get acquainted with digital emissions used in amateur radio. A simple computer-assisted system will give you a lot of satisfaction, and will allow you to "feel" the issues of change and frequency mixing problems.

Service robot ... kitchen
Much is said about problems with finding technical documentation of modern electronic equipment. The article argues that one should never assume the worst, and that you do not have to be discouraged after the first failures and failures.

MEU - Optical rangefinders
Confocal sensors
The last episode of the cycle ends with a description of confocal rangefinders, in which the optical system with the electronic system was combined in a surprising way.

In the issue

  • AVT projects
    • UV index meter, part 1
    • PSK mini receiver
    • DMX receiver, or PAR LED spotlights, part 2.
  • Electronics 2000
    • Cell capacitor tester AA / AAA ...
  • Readers' Forum
    • Housing with an aluminum angle
    • Floor heating controller ...
    • Service robot ... kitchen
  • School of Constructors
    • Main task 253. Suggest an electronic thermostat (temperature controller)
    • Solution to the main task 248. Suggest an electronic system that uses at least one any vacuum or gas lamp
    • The second class of the Constructors' School What is not here? 253, 248
    • Third class of the Constructors' School. Calculate 253, 248
  • Various items
    • Genius
    • Radio polygon. Episode 6. Quartz filters
    • Course C - lesson 11
    • Inverters, part 4
    • Not only TL431, part 1
    • Modular meters, part 4
    • Phase adjusters, part 3
    • Saving old tube receivers, part 8. Tuning UKF warheads
    • MEU - Laser rangefinders and more, part 8
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