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Electronics for everyone 08/2017

EdW 08/2017

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A surprisingly simple meter for Li-Ion batteries. A very useful device for everyone. It allows you to accurately measure the capacity of Li-Ion, Li-Po and LiFePo4 batteries. An extremely simple and cheap construction, behind which there are interesting solutions.

Magic dice. Magical because it is served in a clearly "magical", surprising way. And another example of how quite simple from the electronic side of the microcontroller can amaze observers and give a lot of satisfaction to the creator of such a tiny gadget.

Car driver 4in1. A project for all enthusiasts of automotive electronics. The module provides control of the illumination of the handles, control of the cabin light, lighting after leaving the vehicle and switching on the lights for the time of driving.

An open gate alarm - and again Arduino in action. Another very interesting example of using the Arduino platform. This time for very practical purposes and using a solid assembly.

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  • AVT projects
    • Magic dice
    • VFD clock with MC1206 or double retro, part 2
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    • Car driver 4in1
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    • Open gate alarm - Arduino in action
    • Bluetooth speakers
  • School of Constructors
    • Main task 258. Suggest any electronic system with the highest accuracy and stability
    • Solution to the main task 253. Suggest an electronic thermostat (temperature controller)
    • The second class of the Constructors' School What is not here? 258, 253
    • Third class of the Constructors' School, count 258, 253
  • Various items
    • Blackout 14
    • Induction converters, part 9
    • DipTrace - creating a schematic, part
    • Course C - lesson 1
    • Radio polygon. Episode 11. Radioamateur measuring instruments
    • Workshop patents. Template for forming through-hole elements
    • Rescue of old tube receivers. Renovation of the Elektrit receiver by Largo, part 3
    • Broken reality, or an electronics technician in action. Speakers and loudspeakers
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