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Electronics for all 10/2017

EdW 10/2017

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Gobbler and Gobbler Slim - 21st century vehicles
Although various electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, it is believed to be "expensive toys". See for yourself that literally everyone can build a useful vehicle with electric drive.

Robots from Star Wars - BB-8
Another amazing design, the mechanical part of which was created thanks to a 3D printer and ... nine neodymium magnets. Among the used electronic systems, the Arduino clone with the ATmega 256 processor is of key importance.

Survival powerbank
A very cheap and very useful device that can "save life"! It uses a well-drained battery and one or two Chinese modules. It's worth having something like that at home!

Thermometer for a buffer tank
It is winter and time to pay attention to the installation of central heating. Do you want to have better control over the system? Do you have or should you also have a buffer tank? Familiarize yourself with an interesting proposal contained in the article.

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  • AVT projects
    • GOBBLER and GOBBLER SLIM - 21st century vehicles
    • Robots from Star Wars, Part 2
    • Audio remote control switch, part 2
  • Electronics 2000
    • Event counter
  • Readers' Forum
    • Thermometer for a buffer tank
    • First steps in tube technology, part 2
    • A carbon-tube amplifier, ie a megaphone without transistors
    • Survival powerbank
  • School of Constructors
    • Main task 260: Suggest an unusual, "electronic" use of a factory calculator or a part of it
    • Solution of the main task 255: Suggest the use of any ready, factory module
    • The second class of the Constructors' School What is not here? 260, 255
    • Third class of the Constructors' School Count 260, 255
  • Various items
    • Prohibition of repair 14
    • Around Arduino. LIFA - Arduino and LabVIEW, or ... draw a crocodile, part 1
    • DipTrace - creating a schema, part 4
    • Induction converters, part 11
    • Course C - lesson 18
    • Workshop patents. Lazy Susan
    • My fascinations - adventure with the radio. Jerzy Szymański, part 1
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