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Electronics for all 11/2017

EdW 11/2017

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Clock / thermometer with matrix display. The seven-segment displays have been the most popular for a long time. However, even simple matrix displays prove to be definitely more attractive - you can find out about it after completing the project.

LED garland. The lighting effects containing three-color RGB LEDs are still of great interest. Intelligently controlled WS2812B diodes allow for astonishingly simple and very attractive effects.

Induction converters. Flyback. We are starting to discuss converters with galvanic isolation. To begin with, the configuration is called flyback, which is used in practically all modern small power supplies and chargers.

Universal timer 0-99 min. Practice proves that surprisingly often "classic" electronic circuits are needed, including various counters and time circuits. Here is one of such universal, universal arrangements.

In the issue

  • AVT projects
    • Clock / thermometer with matrix display
    • LED garland
  • Electronics 2000
    • Universal timer 0-99min
  • Readers' Forum
    • The use of inverter modules
    • "Battery" converter
  • School of Constructors
    • Main task 261 Suggest an electronic system related to customer service, advertising or trade
    • Solution to the main task 256 Suggest an "electronic" way to remotely detect excessive water consumption from the water supply or electricity
    • The second class of the Constructors' School What is not here? 261, 256
    • Third class of the Constructors' School. Calculate 261, 256
  • Various items
    • Education - primary school
    • Around Arduino. LIFA - Arduino and LabVIEW, or ... draw a crocodile, part 2
    • DipTrace - creating a printed circuit board, part 5
    • Induction converters, part 12
    • Course C - lesson 1
    • Workshop patents. A single helix
    • The use of solar lamps, part 8
    • Broken reality, or an electronics technician in action. Hardware. Desktops - part 1
    • My fascinations - adventure with the radio. Jerzy Szymański, part 2
  • Fixed boxes
    • News, curiosities
    • post office
    • Advice box
    • Subscription
    • Bookstore AVT
    • Miniankieta
    • Advertising
    • Electronics stores
    • AVT trade offer
  • competitions
    • How it's working?
    • What is missing here?
    • Crossword