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Electronics for all 05/2018

EdW05 / 2018

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The editor-in-chief recommends

A single or three-wheeled electric vehicle. A surprising design, very useful in practice. Uncomplicated in electronic terms. Requires much less soldering and more welding.

Rectifier with reduced power loss. Synchronous straightening is often used in modern inverters. But why not use it in 50Hz circuits?

Arduino course. The use of LCD display. Displays with drivers compatible with HD44780 are surprisingly easy to use. And of course all thanks to the appropriate library.

Inverters. Although the basic principle of operation is very simple, in forward converters there are phenomena that must be called a necessary evil. You need to get to know them well in order to fully understand the sense of using various system solutions of such converters.

In the issue

  • AVT projects
    • A single or three-wheeled electric vehicle
    • Distributed home automation system, part 2
  • Electronics 2000
    • Controlled by any remote control audio potentiometer with relay
    • Rectifier with reduced power loss
  • Readers' Forum
    • Meratronik V543 multimeter - PC interface, part 2
    • Old memories of the charm ...
  • School of Constructors
    • Main task 267. Suggest using any LED strips or other light sources that use LED diodes
    • Solution to the main task 262. Suggest a headphone amplifier or auxiliary circuits for the headphone amplifier
    • The second class of the Constructors' School What is not here? 267,262
    • Third class of the Constructors' School. Calculate 267,262
  • Various items
    • Arduino in ZSMor
    • DipTrace - editing and creating schematic libraries, part 10
    • Induction converters, part 17
    • Arduino course, episode 3
    • Around Arduino. You can not escape C language!
    • Around Arduino. Accuracy of voltage measurement
    • Course C - lesson
    • Rescue of old tube receivers. Short characteristics and comparison of selected types of receivers, part 3
    • Tape led. Practical tips, part 4
  • Fixed boxes
    • News, curiosities
    • post office
    • Advice box
    • Subscription
    • Bookstore AVT
    • Miniankieta
    • Advertising
    • AVT trade offer
  • competitions
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