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Electronics for Everyone 08/2018

EdW 08/2018

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Minizegar Nixie Simple and made of easily accessible elements a four-digit clock with an attractive display. It enables the time to be read, and thanks to the real-time clock system (RTC), no indication is lost when the power supply fails.

Arduino: Humidity measurements, I2C link, as well as Snap4Arduino In the sixth episode of the Arduino course, we get to know the extremely popular I2C link, solve the related problems and see what facilitation is the use of libraries prepared by others, thousands of which we have at our disposal.

Workshop power supply with reduced power losses The classic analog power supply, supplemented by a simple voltage preregulator, which provides much lower thermal losses than the most popular solutions.

In the issue

  • AVT projects
    • Nixie minizegar
    • Four-band STAŚ receiver
    • Receiver CW / SSB budding nasłuchowca (80/40/30 / 20m)
  • Electronics 2000
    • Workshop power supply with reduced power loss ...
    • Symmetrical power supply for audio amplifiers
  • School of Constructors
    • Main task 270 Suggest a device / system or article related to Arduino
    • Solution of the main task 265 Suggest an electronic solution, reducing the effects of the lack of energy in the 230V grid
    • The second class of the Constructors' School What is not here? 270, 265
    • The third class of the Constructors' School Policz 270, 265
  • Various items
    • Around Arduino. My project or article in the pages of EdW
    • Induction converters, part 20
    • Around Arduino. Humidity measurements, part 2
    • Arduino course, episode 6
    • Snap4Arduino
    • Course C - lesson 26, part 2
    • Cooling and heat sinks. Pulse work, part 1
    • Transistors: history and present day, part 2
    • Maximum currents in wires and paths, part 2
    • DC motors, part 3
    • Workshop patents. Plates printed by photochemical method
    • Workshop patents. Imadełko, or ... crocodile
    • Rescue of old tube receivers
    • Short characteristics and comparison of selected types of receivers. Car receivers, part 6
  • Fixed boxes
    • News, curiosities
    • post office
    • Advice box
    • Subscription
    • Bookstore AVT
    • Miniankieta
    • Advertising
    • AVT trade offer
  • competitions
    • How it's working?
    • What is missing here?
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