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RoboBoard X4 - robot controller with ESP32 module + power adapter

Robot controller dedicated to Totem sets. It is based on the ESP32 chip (WiFi and Bluetooth module), equipped with a DC motor and servo driver, RGB diodes and an IMU sensor. With DC adapter. Totem TE-X4-KIT2

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The RoboBoard X4 is a robot controller dedicated to Totem sets. It is based on the ESP32 chip, which provides WiFi and Bluetooth communication. The module uses the Xtensa LX6 processor with two cores clocked up to 240 MHz and 448 KB of ROM and 520 KB of SRAM. The board has a set of connectors useful in robot projects: 4 channels for DC motor control, 3 channels for servo control, 4 GPIO pins with power supply and two Totem BUS expansion connectors. The user has 4 RGB LEDs and the MEMS LSM6DS3 sensor, which combines a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope.

The controller is programmed using the miniUSB connector. There are two inputs for power supply: DC connector for connecting an external 15 V power supply (included) and 11.1 V Li-Ion battery socket (JST-VH connector). The board also has a battery charging circuit, so the user does not need an additional charger to handle the package.

The controller is an excellent set for beginners and can be programmed in the popular and friendly Arduino IDE environment. In addition, the manufacturer has prepared extensive support in the form of a guide and a dedicated library.


  • ESP32 240 MHz module
  • 3 channels for servo control
  • 4 channels for controlling DC motors
  • 4 GPIO
  • 4 RGB LEDs
  • Totem BUS connector
  • MEMS sensor
  • USB port
  • Wireless communication
  • LED and user button
  • Power switch
  • DC input and battery socket
  • DC adapter: 30W, 15V, 2A, 5.5/2.0mm center-positive connector

Kit contains

  • RoboBoard X4
  • Power adapter