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Converter RS232 <-> Eth 100BaseT

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ID: 48137

125,84€ gross (23% VAT)
102,31€ net

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DS203A - RS232 converter <-> Eth 100BaseT

Selected product features
  • A wide range of 10-25VDC power supply
  • Four information LEDs
  • Software update from the network side and serial port
  • Available Starter Kit DS203-KIT
  • Compliant with CE and FCC
  • RTS, CTS, DTR, and DSR lines can be remotely controlled as GPIO
  • KB data buffers (in all directions)
  • EEPROM memory for user settings
  • Configuration from the network side and serial port
  • Specialized commands for serial port control
  • Modem commands for controlling network connections, monitoring, etc ...
  • Direct control of ADSL modems
  • Official support for: UDP, TCP, ARP, ICMP (PING), DHCP, PPPoE, and LCP
  • PC software available for Windows and Linux platforms
  • Possibility to program the layout according to your own idea