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Qwiic Auto pHAT - multifunctional expansion module for Raspberry Pi

Extension module for Raspberry Pi. It allows you to control two DC motors, support encoders, 4 servos, IMU 9DoF and connect Qwiic modules. SparkFun ROB-16328

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Extension module designed for Raspberry Pi minicomputers. The board is a universal robotic controller. It allows you to control two DC motors, support encoders, 4 servos and connect additional Qwiic modules. Auto pHAT also has a built-in set of motion sensors in the form of the 9-axis IMU ICM-20948 system. The set is powered by a USB Type C connector. The shield is compatible with all versions of the Raspberry Pi that uses the standard 2x20 GPIO connector, as well as NVIDIA Jetson Nano and Google Coral. A user guide is available on the product page.


  • 2-channel motor controller (1.2 A - continuous current, 1.5 A - instantaneous)
  • ATtiny84A with support for two encoders
  • 5V connection with RPi
  • Built-in IMU ICM-20948 9DOF module
  • PWM control for 4 servos
  • Qwiic connector
  • Several HAT plates can be installed
  • Access to RPi camera connector and display connector
  • USB-C for 5V power
  • External power inputs