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AVT5580 A + - DDS generator for the 1Hz-40MHz range with a wobulator. PCB board and programmed layout

PCB and programmed circuit for the DDS generator for the 1Hz ... 40MHz range with the sweep. AVT5580 A +

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The tunable generators are an important item in the workshop of every constructor. The described generator allows for comfortable work, among others with audio devices, DC / DC converters, microcontrollers or radio communication devices. Its additional advantages are: built-in wobulator function and the possibility of using one of the two types of DDS generator modules with AD9850 chip available on the market. The generator will be useful in the workshop of every constructor electronics.

Project AVT 5580 EP 02/17


  • frequency range of the signal generated: 1 Hz-40 MHz (1 Hz step)
  • sweep speed range: 1-40 Hz (1 Hz step)
  • analog output (sinusoidal signal, adjustable amplitude) and digital (rectangular signal, CMOS 0 / 5V)
  • signal output to tune the wobulator, which can be input to the "X" input of the oscilloscope
  • standard input / output 50 o impedance
  • Sockets for two types of popular modules from AD9850
  • power supply: 12-15 V DC / 0.25 A
  • 2 printed circuit boards: control (on the front panel) and main


  • A set of printed circuit boards