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Open4 hardware extension with MEMS 3-axis gyroscope, magnetometer, pressure and temperature sensors

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Open4 Inertial Sensor is a hardware extension board designed to add additional evaluation features to the Open4 primers, EvoPrimer or STM32 Primer2 evaluation and development platforms. By adding the Intertial Sensor extension to any of these platforms, users can develop their applications using input from MEMS:

  • Magnetometer, 3 Axis accelerometer (LSM303DLH)
  • Gyroscope (L3G4200D)
  • 300-1100 mbar pressure sensor (LPS001D)

The Inertial Sensor installs on the 20-pin extension connector of the Open4 or Primer2. When installed, the board is fully contained inside the tool's protective casing.

While tool users can implement component features in a wide variety of potential applications, the combination of devices on the Inertial Sensor board were specifically selected to allow applications to detect the precise position and movement of the Open4. This includes monitoring the tool's:

  • Movement relative to magnetic north
  • Tilt, Pitch, roll and yaw
  • Elevation

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