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Producer: AVT

You do not have to explain to anyone how the drive indicator works. If the coupling capacitors are additionally removed, then it is possible to indicate constant voltages. The whole was built using a microcontroller, gaining a universal indicator that can be used not only in audio equipment.

The indicator has 8 functions, selected and configured by the user:

  • peak detect - the function of temporary memorizing the maximum value, in practice, causes one point to glow, over a glowing ruler, indicating the maximum level recorded in a given time interval;
  • flashing of 4 LEDs - activation of the function causes the flashing of the four oldest LEDs if the signal level causes them to light, it can be used to alarm the critical state;
  • all diodes flashing - this is an extension of the above function, if the signal level shines one of the four oldest LEDs, the whole line begins flashing;
  • 4 - bits 9 ... 2 or 7 ... 0 - we use a 10-bit ADC converter, but to simplify the program part, we read only 1 byte - 8 bits of the result. We can choose whether to read the older 8 or younger 8 bits, the second option in practice increases the sensitivity of the indicator;
  • 20x gain - allows you to enable or disable the internal twenty signal amplifier;
  • rise / constant time of the peak detect function - the increasing time value causes the maximum point lighting time to increase as the level of this point increases. For a fixed time, the maximum point shines the same in every position on the scale;
  • line / point mode - operation in the line mode causes all the following diodes to light up to the current level, in the point mode only one diode corresponding to the signal level lights up;
  • linear / logarithmic scale - Enable linear or logarithmic scale.

The set includes a printed circuit board, a programmed layout, a set of elements and documentation.

Detailed description EP 03/09