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AVT1521 C - low battery indicator for RC models. Assembled set

Assembled battery discharge indicator for RC models. AVT1521 C

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The device is particularly recommended for aviation modelers. While in wheeled models the discharge of the battery usually does not cause serious consequences, but only for example by the loss of power, the exhausting power supply of the flying model has serious consequences - from damage to the structure to the loss of control over the model and collision. The system is a simple, maintenance-free battery discharge indicator. It is assumed to be permanently installed in the model. It is small and light (SMD components), so it can be used even in helicopters where every extra gram of mass counts. It can be easily adapted to the quantities supplying the cell model.

Project AVT 1521 EP 05/09


  • System for nominal voltages of 4.8V, 7.2V, 9.6V, 12V batteries
  • Low voltage signaling - LED diode
  • Smooth regulation of the switching voltage of the light-emitting diode
  • Easy adaptation to a given number of battery cells
  • High resistance to mechanical impacts (surface elements)
  • Power supply - from supervised batteries
  • The dimensions of the 25x15mm board


  • Assembled set