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Modular LED matrix 8x8 with controller

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Modular LED matrix 8x8 with controller


The module with an LED matrix enables building LED displays of various sizes, depending on the number of connected blocks. The built-in connectors allow you to connect the modules in series, without the need to connect each matrix to the control system. The modules can be combined both vertically and horizontally.

The LED matrix has 64 points of light 8x8 LED and has dimensions of approx. 60x60 mm. The module is controlled using 3 control signals IN, CLK, LOAD . It also has an OUT signal for connecting the next module. There is also room for an additional power connector, which allows you to supply additional power, which is required when connecting more matrices.

Technical data:

  • Code and name of the module: MOD-39.Z Modular LED matrix 8x8 with controller
  • Integrated circuit: MAX7219CWG
  • Input connector: VCC, IN, CLK, LOAD, GND
  • Outputs / output connector: VCC, OUT, CLK, LOAD, GND
  • Power: +5 V
  • LED signaling: no
  • Dimensions: 24 mm x 53 mm (dimensions of the control module)
  • Additional information:
    • the modules can be connected in series, the output of the first module to the input of the second module, etc.
    • space for the power connector required when connecting more matrices
  • RoHS: yes

Set contains:

  • assembled MOD-39.Z Modular LED matrix 8x8 with controller
  • set of connectors for self-assembly (8-pin 2 pcs, 6-pin 2 pcs)

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