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Sunny Buddy - MPPT solar charger

MPPT charge controller module designed for photovoltaic systems. It can charge one lithium-polymer cell, and thanks to MTTP technology, optimal charging parameters are used for the prevailing conditions. SparkFun PRT-12885

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MPPT charge controller module designed for photovoltaic systems. The module is based on the LT3652 driver system. Supports Lithium Polymer battery charging with a maximum charging current of 450mA and a maximum recommended input of 20V (minimum 6V).

MPPT regulators are regulators based on the algorithm of tracking the highest power point of a solar panel, thanks to which they increase the efficiency of the system by up to 20-30% compared to PWM regulators. Thanks to the use of MPPT regulators, photovoltaic installations work equally effectively on sunny days and on days with little solar radiation.


  • Regulator with MPPT algorithm (maximum power point tracking)
  • Input voltage: 6 to 20V
  • Charging current: 450 mA
  • Designed to charge Li-Po batteries