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Gawędy matematyczne na każdy dzień miesiąca (e-book)

Michał Szurek

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Author: Michał Szurek

ISBN 978-83-60233-87-0
Format: PDF, B5, 320 pages
BTC publishing house
Legionowo - paper edition 2012

About the book

The book is a collection of 31 stories about mathematics, on the basis of which the author presents important, often necessary, always interesting and, above all, broadening horizons of readers interested in widely understood mathematics. One of the strengths of the publication - apart from high competences - is the erudition of the author and his sense of humor, which facilitate the reception of presented issues, both simpler ones and more advanced ones.
The book is intended for everyone interested in mathematics, both hobbyist and professionally, including teachers and lecturers, as well as students and students, for whom it is important to learn alternative perspectives on new but also many known issues, in the field - seemingly - as much defined as maths.

Excerpts from the book:

"Vortex motion has many advantages at all. Let's throw the book flat on the couch, and bounce back, maybe even get busted and destroy a little. Give it a slight spin motion - it will land flat. Basketball players throw the ball into the basket with a slight reverse rotation, achieving stability of the flight path. "
"People, forced to emigrate in 1968, usually could not take away their legally held money. Someone came up with a simple and ingenious idea. Money (dollars) was brought to the US embassy and burnt in the presence of the ambassador. Then the ambassador sat at the desk and wrote: "Mr. X in my presence burned banknotes with numbers such and such. Sincerely. Ambassador". When Mr. X came to New York, the federal bank issued new notes for this certificate. "It's just paper, a carrier of value, not a value in itself," explained bank clerk Mr. X, who, even though he held the money in his hand, could not believe that they really belonged to him. That it was the money that he brought to the embassy. They only have a different medium. "