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MOD-03.Z - Executive module with Modular relay 10A

Module with a relay with a permissible maximum current of 10A with a 5V coil (MOD-03.Z). The module has a transistor relay control transistor and an overvoltage / self-inductive diode from the coil.

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ID: 557545

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Data sheet

Output current10A
Number of channels1
Executive elementPrzekaźnik

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Executive module with relay


The executive module with a relay is used to control (turn on and off) circuits operating with voltage or current other than that used by the control system.

For example, if we want to connect an LED strip powered with + 12V voltage to the microcontroller, we can not do it directly, due to the microcontroller operating voltage limitation. In such a case, an executive module acting as a switch controlled by a signal from the microcontroller connected to the SIG input should be used. The module should be powered with + 5V. Connect the output connectors to the power supply circuit, just like a normal mechanical switch, using 2 of the 3 available pins, middle and extreme. Depending on which of the extreme pins we choose, the module will short-circuit or open the circuit.

Attention! For safety reasons, we recommend connecting a maximum voltage to the relays. + 12V.

Technical data:

  • Protection: safety rectifying diode
  • Input connector: VCC, SIG, GND
  • Outputs / output connector: relay connector
  • Power: + 5V
  • LED signaling: yes, supply voltage indication
  • Dimensions: 17 mm x 40 mm
  • Additional information: for safety reasons, we recommend connecting a maximum voltage to the relays. + 12V
  • RoHS: yes

Set contains:

  • assembled MOD-03.Z Executive module with relay without module nRF24L01
  • set of connectors for self-assembly (3-pin 1 piece and screw connection 1 item)

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