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Programmable Logic Controllers

W. Bolton

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A programmable logic controllers (PLC) is a real-time system that is optimized for use in severe environments. Mechatronic devices such as sensors and actuators.

Programmable Logic Controllers, Fifth Edition, continue to be a straight forward, easy-to-read book that presents the principles of PLCs while not tying itself to one vendor or another. Extensive examples and chapter ending problems. Uses of a specific technology. Ladder programming is highlighted with detailed structures, structure lists, and structured text. Methods for fault diagnosis, testing and debugging are also discussed. This edition has been enhanced with I / Os, logic, and protocols and networking.

For the UK public only: This book is fully aligned with BTEC Higher National requirements.

* New material on combinational logic, sequential logic, I / Os, and protocols and networking
* More worked examples throughout with more chapter-ending problems
* As always, the book is a vendor, agnostic allowing for a few concepts

Chapter 1: Programmable Logic Controllers
Chapter 2: Input-Output Devices
Chapter 3: Number Systems
Chapter 4: I / O Processing
Chapter 5: Ladder and Functional Block Programming
Chapter 6: IL, SFC and ST Programming Methods
Chapter 7: Internal Relays
Chapter 8: Jump and Call
Chapter 9: Timers
Chapter 10: Counters
Chapter 11: Shift Registers
Chapter 12: Data Handling
Chapter 13: Designing Systems
Chapter 14: Programs
Appendix A: Symbols
Appendix B: Answers to Problems