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Programowanie mikrokontrolerów PIC w języku C (e-book)

Krzysztof Pławsiuk

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Authors: Tomasz Jabłoński, Krzysztof Pławsiuk
ISBN: 83-921073-6-5
Format: PDF, B5, 290 pages
BTC publishing house
Warsaw - paper edition 2005

About the book

An ideal book for all electronic engineers using PIC microcontrollers in their projects. The book presents sixteen projects of various devices:

  • clock with a thermometer;
  • intelligent car lamp controller;
  • clock with a single 5x7 matrix display;
  • clock with calendar and two-channel min-max thermometer;
  • electronic lock on DS1990;
  • digital capacitance meter;
  • talking voltmeter;
  • 4-channel voltmeter / comparator;
  • telephone switch;
  • audio preamplifier;
  • 4-channel amplifier for PC computer;
  • RS485 remote control network;
  • remote control transmitter in the RC5 and SIRC system;
  • remote control receiver in the RC5 and SIRC system;
  • digital potentiometer controlled by RC5 remote control;
  • SRS processor.

These are both relatively easy to make devices (eg a clock with a thermometer or an intelligent car lighting controller), as well as quite extensive (eg a network based on RS485 or a digital potentiometer controlled by a RC5 remote control). All of these devices were designed using several types of PIC microcontrollers, and the control programs were written in C. Each of the described devices was assembled and started using the development kit described in the book (ZL2PIC) and universal tiles.