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Zumo Shield v1.2 - expansion module for Arduino for the Zumo robot

Expansion module kit with Arduino compatible connectors for building a Zumo robot. The module includes a dual engine controller, buzzer and user button, as well as a 3-axis accelerometer and compass. Pololu 2508

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Set with expansion module for Arduino to facilitate the construction of a Zumo robot. The module is mounted directly on the chassis. Motors and battery as well as Arduino board are connected to the board. Shield provides the electronics needed to power the engines and includes a number of additional components such as a buzzer and a 3-axis accelerometer and compass.

The set does not contain a full set of elements for building the robot. The necessary items that must be purchased separately are:

Version 1.2 contains newer sensor systems: magnetomer, accelerometer and gyroscope. Additional elements can be attached to the robot that allow the construction of more advanced constructions, e.g. reflection sensors or Zumo blade.

Robot Zumo is a minisumo robot from Pololu based on a crawler chassis. Platform designed for use with an Arduino controller or compatible device, e.g. A-Star 32U4 Prime. Dimensions (98 x 98 x 39 mm) and weight (300 g with batteries and controller) allow the robot to be used as a minisumo platform in popular competitions for pupils and students organized around the world.

The robot uses two DC Micro Pololu motors with a 75:1 HP transmission to drive the tracks, providing high torque and a maximum speed of about 60 cm/s. The Zumo robot includes a coarse laser cut stainless steel blade mounted on the front of the chassis to push objects and a reflection sensor matrix mounted along the front edge of Zumo that allows detecting lines or edges on the ground. The set is also equipped with a main board module constituting an expansion board for Arduino/A-Star 32U4 Prime. The module includes a two-channel engine driver, a buzzer for playing simple sounds, a user button and a 3-axis accelerometer, compass and gyroscope for detecting impact and orientation.


  • Two-channel motor controller (H DRV8835 bridge)
  • Piezoelectric buzzer
  • LSM303D 3-axis digital accelerometer and magnetometer
  • L3GD20H 3-axis digital gyroscope
  • Optional user button connected to pin 12
  • 7.5 V voltage stabilizing converter
  • LED connected to pin 13
  • Prototype area for the user
  • Arduino libraries

Kit contains

  • Zumo Shield for Arduino v1.2 controller
  • Angle slide switch
  • 2 x Button
  • Buzzer
  • 2-pin female connector
  • 3 x cable (for soldering motors)
  • Goldpin straight 40-pin male connector
  • 2 x Jumper
  • 2 x Screw
  • 2 x Black acrylic spacer plate