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SparkFun Qwiic Button green LED - module with green button

Module with a button and green LED backlight. Controlled by the I2C interface, it has a built-in debouncing mechanism, pull-up resistors as well as interrupts and a FIFO queue. SparkFun BOB-16842

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Module with a button and LED backlight in green. Controlled by the I2C interface, it has a built-in debouncing, pull-up resistors and interrupts, and an implemented FIFO queue. The I2C address is configurable by means of jumpers, so that the user can connect several modules to one I2C line.

The module is based on the ATtiny84 microcontroller. The module Arduino library and a user guide have been prepared for handling the module.


  • 12 mm green LED button (up to 50 mA)
  • Customizable LED lighting
  • I2C interface
  • Configurable I2C address using jumpers
  • Exit interrupt
  • FIFO queue
  • Two Qwiic connectors