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It is a simple remote control, one channel. Information is sent via radio, the state at the transmitter's input is transferred to the receiver's output. The device gives the possibility of setting the address or unique code, thanks to which the devices are resistant to accidental activation. In addition, many such sets can work in one area and everyone will react only to their own pair.

The device can be used in alarm systems to notify about the occurrence of an alarm or about the state of detectors, for remote control, and also wherever it is necessary to transmit wirelessly the recall information.

The device is especially recommended where it is necessary to wirelessly transmit signals

Selected parameters:

  • transmission medium: radio waves, frequency 433MHz, permanent code
  • addressing: 8-section switch - 255 combinations
  • input: reacting to a short circuit (eg a button) or a break (eg a reed sensor)
  • output: voltage max. 16V, 2A and relay max. 250VAC 2A
  • power supply 7 ... 16V transmitter, power consumption at rest <1mA, recommended: 6F22 battery (9V)
  • receiver supply 7 ... 16, power consumption without connected load max. 50mA, recommended: power supply 12V
  • PCB dimensions: transmitter 29x70 mm, receiver: 34x70 mm
  • project AVT 1468 EP 07/08