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Electronics using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. recipes

Simon Monk

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Author: Simon Monk
ISBN: 978-83-283-3701-5
Format: 424 pages
Soft binding
Publisher: Helion

About the book

Practical provisions of electronic solutions using Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

To start working with electronics, you do not have to be an engineer in this field. Thanks to widely available and inexpensive components, many sources of knowledge and inspiration, and willing to help the community, electronics becomes the favorite hobby of a growing number of people. Many of them become professionals, creating ingenious and useful constructions. Naturally, this does not mean that this field has become completely problem-free fun: an electronics technician should have some theoretical knowledge and be able to solve specific problems specific to electronics.

This book is a solid starting point for amateur electronics and people who want to deal with this area professionally. Particularly important element of the book is to discuss the basics of electronics and issues of microcontroller application, creating various types of power supplies, using appropriate transistors for various purposes, using analog and digital integrated circuits, as well as designing and prototyping, and using research equipment. The book was organized in this way to facilitate the quick finding of the necessary issue and the use of the appropriate provision.

In this book you will find topics such as:

  • theoretical issues and electronic components
  • power: batteries, accumulators and solar panels
  • control using Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • analog radio frequency solutions and data packet forwarding
  • use of tools and workshop equipment