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XGecu T56 - universal memory programmer

Universal EEPROM, Flash (NAND and NOR), eMMC, SRAM and MCU memory programmer. It is controlled from the computer via the USB interface and software for Windows systems. XGecu T56

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Universal programmer for EEPROM, Flash (NAND and NOR), eMMC, SRAM and MCU units. The device is controlled from a Windows computer using a dedicated application, and communication takes place via the USB 2.0 interface. The programmer is equipped with a ZIF-48 socket and an 8-pin ISP connector, and with the use of additional adapters, it can program circuits in various types of housings, including DIP, PLCC, SOP, QFP, TSOP or BGA, and with various voltage levels from 1.2 V to 6.5 V (VCC) and 6.5 to 25 V (VPP). A wide range of supported systems (full list of supported devices) makes XGecu T56 suitable for both professional and hobby use.


  • Communication interface: USB 2.0
  • PIC32MZ 32-bit MCU 200MHZ + Xilinx SP6 FPGA microcontroller
  • Supported chip types: serial EEPROM, parallel EEPROM and Flash, FLASH type NOR, NAND, SPI NAND, EMMC, NVRAM, SRAM, CPLD
  • Support for systems in housings: DIP, PLCC, SOP, QFP, TSOP or BGA (may require an additional adapter)
  • ZIF-48 socket
  • 8-pin ISP connector
  • Programming speed: 12-25MB/s (write), 14-45MB/s (read)
  • Self-test mode
  • Supported voltage levels ranging from 1.2 V to 6.5 V (VCC) and 6.5 to 25 V (VPP) with 64 levels
  • Power supply: USB or DC connector
  • Current consumption up to 500 mA
  • Reverse polarity, overload, overvoltage protection
  • Software for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, 7, 10
  • Dimensions: 129 x 85 x 29 mm

Kit contains

  • XGecu T56 programmer
  • USB cable
  • ISP cable