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SkyPRO - universal memory programmer

Universal EEPROM and Flash serial memory programmer. It is controlled from the computer via the USB interface and software for Windows systems. SkyPRO

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Universal EEPROM and Flash serial memory programmer. The device is controlled from a Windows computer using a dedicated application, and communication takes place via the USB interface. The programmer is equipped with a ZIF-16 socket and with the use of additional adapters it can program circuits in various types of casings, including DIP, SOP, SOIC, SSOP and TSOP. The range of supported systems makes it suitable for both professional and hobby use when repairing BIOS memory or car electronics.


  • Communication interface: USB
  • Supported chip types: EEPROM, Flash
  • Support for systems in housings: DIP, SOP, SOIC, SSOP and TSOP
  • ZIF-16 socket
  • Power: USB
  • Software for Windows

Kit contains

  • SkyPRO programmer
  • USB cable
  • Adapter
  • A set of connectors