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Adapter for TI LaunchPad - Explore T

Adapter enabling easy and quick connection of Modo DuoNect extension modules to selected TI LaunchPad platforms. MOD-81

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The adapter enables easy and quick connection of Modulowo® DuoNect ™ compatible expansion modules to selected TI LaunchPad platforms (Texas Instruments Inc.). These can be sensors, touch switches, motor controllers or LED lighting, as well as communication modules, GPS and much more. Expansion modules can be mounted directly on the adapter or via pin connectors. The set can be used for design and educational purposes, to learn programming and to enable rapid construction of prototypes and new projects.

Modulowo® DuoNect ™ solution

The Modulowo® DuoNect ™ solution enables fast and easy connection of expansion modules to Arduino , Raspberry Pi , Intel® Edison , STM32 Nucleo , Atmel Xplained , TI LaunchPad , Freescale Freedom and other platforms.


  • 3 places for extension modules
  • Compliance with Modulowo® DuoNect ™
  • Hardware-compatible outputs with selected TI LaunchPad platforms *
  • Additional I2C and UART bus outputs
  • Additional power supply voltage VIN for expansion modules
  • Dimensions: ~ 63 mm x 61 mm
  • Compliance


  • Printed circuit MOD-81
  • A set of connectors for self-assembly

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