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5-point touch sensor

ID: 557610

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5-point touch sensor AT42QT1070


The modules are used to support 5 touch fields. This is possible thanks to the built-in capacitive sensor AT42QT1070. It has 1/0 leads for each touch field, the state of which is changed after detecting the touch.

The power supply voltage is 1.8 to 5.5 V. The tactile field should be at least 6 x 6 mm. It may have different sizes and shapes, depending on the thickness of the touch panel, which may be plastic, glass or plastic. Detailed recommendations on the touch field can be found in the AT42QT1070 datasheet.

There is also a module supporting 7 touch fields with I2C interface - MOD-42.

Technical data:

  • Code and name of the module: MOD-46.Z Touch sensor 5-point AT42QT1070
  • Integrated circuit: AT42QT1070
  • Description of pins: derived signals 1/0 for each touch field
  • Power: + 1.8 V to + 5 V
  • LED signaling: yes
  • Dimensions: 24 mm x 24 mm
  • Additional information: touch fields should be at least 6 x 6 mm and can take different shapes, the size of the field depends on the touch panel used (glass, plastic or plastic)
  • RoHS: yes

Set contains:

  • assembled MOD-46.Z AT42QT1070 5-point touch sensor
  • set of connectors for self-assembly (9-pin 1 pcs, 7-pin 1 pcs)

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