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A set of antimagnetic metal tweezers View larger

A set of antimagnetic metal tweezers

Set of six precision antimagnetic tweezers in stainless steel, acid resistant, RoHS

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7,60€ gross (23% VAT)
6,18€ net

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A set of six precision anti-magnetic tweezers made of stainless steel, acid-resistant.

The set includes

  • standard tweezers (TS-10), ideal for assembly work when soldering PCBs or replacing parts. Length 120mm, weight 19g
  • tweezers elongated (TS-11), with tip and total length longer than standard tweezers designed for precise assembly of electronics, it is ideal for gripping tiny parts. Length 140mm, weight 15g
  • tweezers with increased strength (TS-12), with a stronger grip than standard tweezers, the tips do not bend even when you tightly squeeze the microchips. Length 115mm, weight 15g
  • Rounded tweezers (TS-13), rounded tip prevents damage to components. Used to handle silicon wafers. Length 120mm, weight 19g
  • Extra-thin tweezers (TS-14), very thin tips with sharp and durable edges to be used when mounting high-density circuit boards. Length 127mm, weight 17g
  • Curved precision tweezers (TS-15) with 45 ° tips are ideal for handling components in narrow spaces. Length 115mm, weight 15g