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PYNQ-Z1 + Accessory Kit - EDU

Development board FPGA PYNQ-Z1 and accessor set. Includes base plate, power supply, cables and SD card with system image for PYNQ-Z1. Academic version. Digilent 240-114-1

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ATTENTION! This product is for academic recipients (students and academic teachers) only!

After the ordering, please send us by e-mail the data listed below:

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Development board FPGA PYNQ-Z1 and accessor set. Includes base plate, power supply, cables and SD card with image for PYNQ-Z1.

PYNQ-Z1 is a programmable FPGA board for embedded systems that natively supports multimedia using on-board audio and video interfaces. The board has been designed to easily expand its capabilities with the help of Pmod modules, Arduino shields, Grove extensions, as well as using shared GPIO ports. The capabilities of the PYNQ-Z1 set can also be expanded using USB devices - such as Wi-Fi cards, Bluetooth modules or cameras.

The product is also available in the academic offer (EDU) at a reduced price: PYNQ-Z1 + Accessory Kit - EDU


  • ZYNQ XC7Z020-1CLG400C:
    • 650MHz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor
    • DDR3 memory controller with 8 DMA channels and 4 high performance AXI3 slave ports
    • High-bandwidth peripheral controllers: 1G Ethernet, USB 2.0, SDIO
    • Low-bandwidth peripheral controller: SPI, UART, CAN, I2C
    • Programmable from JTAG, Quad-SPI flash, and microSD card
    • Artix-7 family programmable logic
      • 13,300 logic slices, each with four 6-input LUTs and 8 flip-flops
      • 630 KB of fast block RAM
      • 4 clock management tiles, each with a phase-locked loop (PLL) and mixed-mode clock manager (MMCM)
      • 220 DSP slices
      • On-chip analog-to-digital converter (XADC)
  • Memory:
    • 512MB DDR3 with 16-bit bus @ 1050Mbps
    • 16MB Quad-SPI Flash with factory programmed globally unique identifier (48-bit EUI-48/64™ compatible).
    • MicroSD slot
  • Power:
    • Powered from USB or any 7V-15V source (see recommended products)
    • USB and Ethernet:
    • USB-JTAG Programming circuitry
    • USB-UART bridge
    • USB OTG PHY (supports host only)
    • Gigabit Ethernet PHY
  • Audio and Video:
    • Electret microphone with pulse density modulated (PDM) output
    • 3.5mm mono audio output jack, pulse-width modulated (PWM) format
    • HDMI sink port (input)
    • HDMI source port (output)
  • Switches, push-buttons, and LEDs:
    • 4 push-buttons
    • 2 slide switches
    • 4 LEDs
    • 2 RGB LEDs
  • Expansion Connectors:
    • Two standard Pmod ports
    • 16 Total FPGA I/O
  • Arduino/chipKIT Shield connector:
    • 49 Total FPGA I/O
    • 6 Single-ended 0-3.3V Analog inputs to XADC
    • 4 Differential 0-1.0V Analog inputs to XADC

Kit contains

  • Development board PYNQ-Z1
  • Micro USB cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • MicroSD card with pre-loaded PYNQ-Z1 boot image
  • 12 V/3 A power supply