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Software / Hardware kit upgrades Open4 bases for use as standalone application monitors and standalone Flash programmers for ARM Cortex based MCUs

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View Open4-LAB VideoOpen4-LAB-Upgrade is a software and hardware apgrade that allows users to take advantage of Open4 portability and advanced user interface to either monitor application variables and addresses during execution or program target MCUs without being connected to a PC.

In addition to its use as a primer for evaluation of MCU capabilities, the Open4-LAB supports 3 modes of operation:

  • As an RLink, providing debugging, SWV trace & programming of external hardware while connected to a PC with Ride7 or RFlasher
  • As a standalone application monitoring tool to view application variables, memory addresses and peripheral registers during application execution
  • As a standalone Flash programming tool

Open4 EvoPrimer Monitoring

In its RLink mode, Open4-LAB provides programming/debugging connection to external hardware via SWD connection. Used with Ride7 and RKit-ARM software it provides advanced debugging features that include SWV trace capability and monitoring displays.

In Standalone Application Monitoring mode, Open4-LAB is configured by the user to recuperate, display and record the evolution of variables, memory addresses and peripheral registers. This information is displayed on the tool's LCD display as values, graphs or as a memory dump.

For standalone programming, users can program object files stored on the Open4-LAB's SD Card to the Flash memory of a range of Cortex M core-based microcontrollers. Open4-LAB also offers an automated mode for one-touch, repeated programming of an object file to many devices - as on a production line.



Open4-LAB upgrade contentsOpen4-LAB-Upgrade includes:

  • Open4-RLink-ADP and SWD adapter for connection to external hardware
  • MicroSD memory card
  • Firmware supporting "LAB" capabilities
  • RKit-ARM Lite License
  • Ride7 development environment