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Hardware extension adds Wireless M-BUS radio communication capability to Open4, EvoPrimer and STM32 Primer2 platforms

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Adeunis Wireless M-BUS Extension is a hardware/firmware extension pack designed to add additional WM-BUS (868 MHz) radio frequency evaluation features to the Open4 primers, EvoPrimer or STM32 Primer2 evaluation and development platforms.

By adding Adeunis Wireless M-BUS Extension board and Adeunis firmware application users can immediately evaluate and test WM-BUS communications. Specific test modes include:

  • Standard mode for operation as a meter or gateway
  • Sniffer mode to scan a perimeter and receive indexes from all meters in range
  • TX/RX mode for conventional send/receive operation

Adeunis firmware is based on CircleOS and functions directly on STM32F103VG and STM32F103VE equipped Open4, EvoPrimer and STM32 Primer2 platforms.

The extension pack includes:

  • One extension board with Adeunis WM-BUS module
  • One antenna
  • User's guide

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