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Hardware extension adds 863 to 870 MHz radio communication capability to Open4, EvoPrimer and STM32 Primer2 platforms

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Adeunis TWIMO 863 to 870 MHz Extension is a hardware/firmware extension pack designed to add additional radio frequency evaluation features to the Open4 primers, EvoPrimers or STM32 Primer2 evaluation and development platforms.

By adding Adeunis TWIMO 863 to 870 MHz Extension board and Adeunis firmware application, users can immediately evaluate and test wireless communications in their STM32 microcontroller applications. TWIMO specific test modes include:

  • TX/RX mode for frame transmission/reception
  • Received level mode for transmission testng between two products with Adeunis modules. Test RSSI level and count transmitted/received frames
  • Scanner mode for testing traffic levels on a selected frequency (ideal for on-site implementation tests)

Adeunis firmware is based on CircleOS and functions directly on STM32F103VG and STM32F103VE equipped Open4, EvoPrimer and STM32 Primer2 platforms.

The extension pack includes:

  • One extension board with Adeunis TWIMO module
  • One antenna
  • User's guide

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