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Serpent 2 Mini V-Hull Racing Boat 360mm (RTR)

HK Serpent 2 Mini V-Hull Racing Boat 360mm (RTR) (38112)

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Serpent 2 Mini V-Hull Racing Boat 360mm (RTR) (38112)

The Serpent 2 is a mini V-hull racing boat that is fast, fun and easy to use. Its stylish design is nice to look at and it really performs for a boat of this size. From fun in the swimming pool to all out full power on your favorite pond, the Serpent 2 is fun just about anywhere.

Being completely ready to run, the Serpent is great for both beginners and experienced boaters alike. Its powered by a 7.4V Li-ion battery which really packs a punch and comes with a 2.4gHz transmitter offering interference free running at any boating site. The motor, ESC and steering servo are all pre-installed.

This is a great little boat at a great price, perfect for your swimming pool or local pond!

• Completely "Ready to Run"
• Small size, perfect for swimming pools and ponds
• 7.4V Li-ion battery powered
• 2.4gHz transmitter included

Length: 360mm
Motor: 370 brushed
Battery: 7.4V 700mAh Li-ion
Transmitter: 2.4gHz

Serpent 2 Mini V-Hull Racing Boat
2.4gHz transmitter
7.4V Li-ion battery
110~240VAC Battery Charger (US style plug)
Boat stand

6 x AA battery for transmitter

PRODUCT ID: 238000001