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Embedded Systems Design with Platform FPGAs

Ronald Sass, Andrew Schmidt

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This book will familiarize professional engineers and students alike with the important emerging topic of system development using platform FPGAs. The focus is on embedded systems but the text also serves as a general guide to building custom computing systems. The author describes the fundamental hardware, software, and a set of principles to guide the development of platform FPGA systems. A methodology is clearly and concisely presented for systematically and creatively applying these principles to construction of application-specific embedded system architectures. Each chapter has two major sections. The first part contains careful explanations of key theories. Real-world examples, bibliographic notes, and exercises support this theoretical discussion. The second part contains information on practical implementation, extended examples, and practice labs. With this book, users will gain a thorough knowledge of what a Platform FPGA is, when they can best be used, and how to go about designing with them. Xilinx Platform Studio EDK and the ML-310 experimenter board are used throughout for illustration.

* Gain an understanding of how using an emerging new technology- Platform FPGAs- can improve the cost and performance of your products!

* Presents both fundamental concepts and the pragmatic, step-by-step instructions needed to realize a system on a Platform FPGA

* Real-world examples, detailed case studies, chapter summaries, and exercises all reinforce the explanatory text

Performance Metrics
The Target
System Design
Spatial Design
Managing Bandwidth
Real-time Issues
Outside World
Reconfigurable Computing