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Tribology of Polymeric Nanocomposites

Klaus Friedrich, Alois Schlarb

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The area of tribology deals with the design, friction, wear and lubrication of interacting surfaces in relative motion. Polymer nanocomposite materials are increasingly common and offer remarkable improvements in the friction and wear properties of both bulk materials and coatings.

This book gives a comprehensive description of polymeric nanocomposites, both as bulk materials and as thin surface coatings, and their behavior and potential use in tribological applications. It provides the preparation techniques, friction and wear mechanisms, properties of polymeric nanocomposites, characterization, evaluation and selection methodology. It also provides various examples of application of polymeric nanocomposites.

* Provides a complete reference from the preparation to the selection of polymeric nanocomposites
* Explains the theory through examples of real world applications
* More than 20 international tribology experts contribute to their area of expertise

1. Preface: Tribological Applications of Polymers and their Composites -Past, Present and Future Prospects
2. Bulk Composites Against Metallic Counterparts
2.1 Use of Spherical Nanoparticles
2.1.1 The Influence of Nanoparticle Fillers in Polymer Matrices on the Formation and Stability of Transfer Film during Wear
2.1.2 Synergistic Effects of Nanoparticles and Traditional Tribo-Fillers on Sliding Wear of Polymeric Hybrid Composites
2.1.3 The Influence of Nanoparticle Fillers on the Friction and Wear Behavior of Polymer Matrices
2.1.4 Tribological Behavior of Polymer Nanocomposites Prepared by Dispersion of Nanofillers in Molten Thermoplastics
2.1.5 Sliding Wear Performance of Epoxy Based Nanocomposites
2.1.6 Wear Simulation of a Polymer - Steel Sliding Pair Considering Temperature and Time Dependant Material Properties
2.2 Use of Carbon Nanotubes
2.2.1 On the Friction and Wear of Carbon Nanofiber- Reinforced PEEK- Based Polymer Composites
2.2.2 Wear Behaviour of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Polyethylene and Epoxy Composites
2.2.3 Tribology Properties of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composites
3. Scratch / Wear Resistance of Nanocomposites / Coatings
3.1 Wear and Wear Maps of Coatings
3.2 Hybridized Carbon Nanocomposite Thin Films: Synthesis, Structures and Tribological Properties
3.3 Friction and Sliding Wear of "Nanomodified"
Rubbers and their Coatings: Some New Developments
3.4 Scratch Resistance of Protective Sol-Gel Coatings on Polymeric Substrates
3.5 Scratch Behavior of Polymeric Materials
3.6 Wear and Scratch Damage in Polymer Nanocomposites
4. Developments of Nanocomposites / Coatings for Special Applications
4.1 Polytetrafluoroethylene Matrix Nanocomposites for Tribological Applications
4.2 Development of Nanostructured Slide-Coatings for Automotive Components
4.3 Friction and Wear Behaviour of PEEK and its
Composite Coatings
4.4 Polymer Composite Bearings with Engineered Tribo-Surfaces
4.5 Novel Nanocomposites and Hybrids for Lubricating Coating Applications