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PmodBT2 - Bluetooth Interface

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PmodBT2 - Bluetooth Interface

The PmodBT2 is a powerful peripheral module employing the Roving Networks RN-42 to create a fully integrated Bluetooth interface.

The PmodBT2 uses a standard 12-pin connection and communicates via UART. There is a secondary SPI header on the board for updating the RN-42 firmware if needed.

There are two UART signal pin assignment conventions in use on Digilent products. This product uses the new signal assignment convention. Connecting a product using the new convention with one using the old convention requires the use of a UART Crossover Cable (not included).

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth 2.1/2.0/1.2/1.1 Compatible
  • A wide range of modes including: Slave Mode, Master Mode, Trigger Master Mode, Auto-connect Master Mode, Auto-connect DTR Mode, and Auto-connect ANY Mode.
  • Simple UART Interface
  • Small size: (0.8" x 1.5")
  • Ships with a 6" 12-pin cable, a 6" 2x6-pin to dual 6-pin cable, one 12-pin header, and two 6-pin headers.


Code: 410-214P-KIT