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Ultrasonic Range Finder

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Ultrasonic Range Finder, Digilent, RoHS

The PmodMAXSONAR is a single-transducer ultrasonic range finder module capable of accurate distance measurements. This ultrasonic sensor is unique in that it can measure a distance of over 20 ft with a resolution of 1 inch. It comes in the standard Pmod form factor to quickly connect to Digilent system boards, and it can be easily integrated into other projects as well. It is great is for a wide range of applications such as robotics, home automation, occupancy sensors and kinetics.

Key Features:

  • Effective detection range of 6”-254”
  • 1" resolution
  • 42 KHz sonar operation frequency
  • Readings every 50 milliseconds
  • Continuous measurement (free run) operation
  • 20 Hz Sampling Rate
  • Three methods of obtaining data:
    • 5-Byte serial output
    • Analog output, (VCC/512)V per inch
    • Pulse Width output, 147µs per inch
  • 2.5V-5.5V operating voltage range with 2mA typical current draw


  • PmodMAXSONAR board
  • 6" 6-pin cable
  • 6-pin header


Code: 240-071P